How To Use a Home Pregnancy Test

How To Use a Home Pregnancy Test

If you want to take a home pregnancy test, it is the HCG levels which helps you to conclude whether you are expecting or not. So it is very essential to understand that what HCG levels, it is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone. This is first made by those cells that go on to become the placenta. Once the placenta is produced, it carries on making this hormone.

What HCG mainly does in the pregnancy, particularly in the untimely stages is to promote the body to make progesterone and also promote the developments of the placenta. However it is production in extreme volumes initially, it’s slowly decreases once the placenta takes over the making. This hormone is also required in the growth of the foetuses gonads.

HCG can be identified as soon as 11 days after conception. This will though have to be done with the blood test. Your urine test will return positive a few days after this. There are also actually perceptive tests which can indentify HCG levels as early as seven days after you have ovulated. But as home pregnancy tests are normally utilized, you will have to stay up to a fortnight from conception for the levels to depict.

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Your HCG level gets double every 2 to 3 days, by the time you are a month or so in your pregnancy. This is symptomatic of a normal pregnancy. After this period of time the levels lean to drop in a slowly flow. The concept of HCG levels is very essential to understand for women who have had a difficult time in conception.

HCG levels can be measured in milli-international units per ml (mlU/ml). This is when a blood test is being done. Your pregnancy test is depicting negative if the level is below 5 mlU/ml and positive once it passes 25mlU/ml.

It is also very essential to have HCG injections to promote ovulation and so on, for those females on fertility programs.