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Mobile Personal Training Versus Gyms

Mobile Personal Training Versus Gyms

Most London gyms are overcrowded and 80% of the space is used for cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, cross trainer, bikes etc and are simply not geared up for personal training sessions.

Mobile Personal Training Versus Gyms

Having worked in them myself I often found it hard to get on the equipment I wanted with my client because it was already being used by someone else. This meant I constantly had to adjust my sessions ultimately giving my clients what was available not what they needed.

Its very easy as a trainer in a gym to stick your client on a treadmill or cross trainer for 10 mins to warm up but honestly, is this what you pay for? Personally if my clients want to pay me to take to them for a run I would tell them to do it on their own.

Personal Training Should Be An Education

Personal training should be an education on how to train whilst getting the exact results you want in an achievable timescale. The solution is mobile personal training.

Mobile personal training means you get a personal trainer that comes to wherever you want to train and brings the equipment needed to train you, simple. That said however as in any sector there are good and bad trainers.

I see so many people working out with trainers in the park using little or no equipment. If you want an hour’s session of lunges and push ups then go to a group fitness class.


To conclude, mobile personal training saves you the time of going to the gym, gives you far more variety, and with the right company you will get much better trainning for your money.

Are a gym person? Do you have the motivation to go at it alone? Maybe you need the push from a personal trainer, whichever your personal preference we would like to hear your views in the comments below.

Bikini Body In 3 Weeks – Aesthetics Or Fitness

Bikini Body In 3 Weeks – Aesthetics Or Fitness

This time of year I get tons of enquires looking for extreme weight loss. I had someone the other day who was going on holiday in 3 weeks and wanted a bikini body. I told her to save her money and have a nicer holiday.

I have been training with Tim since November last year and love every session we have together, I used to hate the gym and Tim has totally changed that for me. Not only is he a wonderful trainer but a great lifestyle, nutrition and life coach. I look forward to every session as he understands exactly what I want to achieve and keeps me focused on my goals.

Bikini Body

So what is a Bikini body, I mean seriously what does it really mean. I have trained models so when they say they want to shape up for a holiday it’s a much more different look to someone who perhaps hasn’t worked out in years. I have spoken about this tread in the past but I really feel globally we focus far too much on aesthetics which in turn is creating a less and less effective fitness and nutrition market.

Aesthetics Or Fitness

For me fitness must come first, I would much rather be fit and sit on a beach with a little tummy eating an ice cream than miserable but look great ‘supposedly’ to other people. I have had great success with my clients over the focusing on fitness and not a specific result. When clients are fit and enjoying themselves they tend to be less stressed eat better and exercise more. The end result.

A Small Case Study

I was working with Emily for 6 months. Emily came to me because she hated the gym, in fact didn’t particularly like working out, aesthetically she was in good shape, she was already working as a lingerie model but wanted to take things too the next level.

I didn’t focus too much on looks, I needed Emily to look at her life, and so we did a lot of talking in our sessions. The end result you can see is great but most importantly for me she now loves exercising and continues to feel fit and look great.

My Top Summer Fitness Tips

  • Get a good trainer, I truly mean this, if you are struggling get some professional advice, and make sure you do your homework on the trainer before you part with your money.
  • Think about what you really want and why and what impact that will have on your life.
  • Have fun, if you hate running don’t run, if its not fun you are not going to keep it up, and there are many options available in london.

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