What Can Your Skin Tell You About Your Health?

A few illnesses have very noticeable rashes or other dermatologic signs.  For example, you can usually tell that a child has chicken pox just by looking at his or her skin.  Bites from different insects also have an unmistakable appearance; a mosquito bite does not look like a bed bug bite.  Besides obvious signs of particular illnesses, you can tell other things about a person’s health from the appearance of the person’s skin.

Fortunately, some of these signs are only skin deep.  Anti-wrinkle serums and other skin care products can greatly reduce their appearance.  Here are some things you can tell about a person’s health from the way the person’s skin looks.

Sun Damage

A sunburn heals quickly, but too much sun exposure can cause lasting damage.  Wearing sunscreen when you go outside can help protect your skin.  Vitamin C skin care products can lessen the damage caused by sun exposure.  Vitamin B5 can also help sun-damaged skin heal itself.

Hormonal Changes

A lot of people associate acne with adolescence.  The same hormone changes that cause physical maturation can cause acne.  Especially in women, though, acne can last well beyond your teens.  The menstrual cycle, with its hormone fluctuations, can also cause some women to have acne breakouts during their luteal phase.  Dermatologists even sometimes prescribe hormonal contraceptives for women with severe acne.  In some women, acne can even be one of the earliest indications of pregnancy.

Benzoyl peroxide is a popular remedy for acne; it is found in most pimple creams and facial wipes.  It removes the oils on which acne-causing bacteria thrive.  If you use benzoyl peroxide skin care products, you should also use a moisturizer to replace the lost moisture.

It is easy to tell from looking how well people have protected their skin from the sun.  Use moisturizers and vitamin serums to protect your skin from sun damage. If you’re going traveling, be sure to take extra care of your skin on the road so it’s still looking good when you come back. Also, you’ll most likely be outside more so applying sun protection is as important as ever.