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Yoga Poses From Nature

Yoga Poses From Nature

Yoga Poses from Nature – Through observant natural surroundings, we have a tendency to see our very own reflection. Heaven offers the stars and planets the planet and sea alone have a diversity of existence that is constantly on the evolve and amaze us. New breakthroughs of plants, insects and creatures happen every day! Perceptive even one little an element of the nature will give you us understanding of however we’re linked to each animate factor through universal awareness. Poets of cultures highlight deep facts by observing the flow water, the power from the sun and the strength of a mountain.


A prototypical cousin from the mountain, the regal tree roots deeply in to the bottom since it’s branches extend toward heaven. Trees are robust however versatile, in most cases quite resilient. A tree cooperates with and sustains different natural forms like wild birds, mammals and insects. Trees breathe vitalizing oxygen in to the globe and each one the existence forms them because they exchange green house gas for oxygen. Insects and vines could destroy a tree, yet it continues giving, breaking lower into nutrients to sustain other existence forms. Due to its many advantageous characteristics, a tree might be considered the best illustration of selflessness.

Think about balance with other people. How can you cooperate with the family, buddies and society generally? However do you experience feeling when the winds of modification blow using your existence? What ways that would you offer to and receive from others? However would you support others?


The Sun’s Rays Salutation encompasses a variety of poses, however they all reflect the concentration of the sun’s rays, that’s the epitome of fireside. Whereas fire will destroy, additionally, it purifies and it is the precursor to renewal. Because the sustained of existence on the planet, the sun’s rays would be that the focus of the numerous world traditions and religions.

While playacting the sun’s rays Salutation, it is not easy to consider not the flow from the poses we have to stay in as soon as. We build heat and purify our bodies once we seek enlightenment, for what’s greater awareness however permitting ourselves to become filled with light?

Fire rapidly transforms all it touches. However do you feel regarding changes that you just can’t control? What exactly are your objectives web hosting transformation? However do you categorical the hearth of the ideas and passions?


The moon is often associated with ladylike vitality. Because the effective partner towards the sun, the moon is extremely natural and responsive. Because it encounters its every month stages, the moon influences existence here on the planet, prove through the tides. The moon and sun have focal significance to Hatha yoga, its name being become in the sun (Ha) and moon (Tha). Yoga allows us to to orchestrate their contradicting powers using the goal that people can continue with the kitchen connoisseur. The moon mirrors the sun’s rays, enlightening the night time sky and individuals areas of our mind that people make an effort to stow away underneath the front of obscurity. Because the moon influences water here on the planet, it likewise impacts the emotions that could be enslaved with regard to rationale.

Would you connect with your emotions? Would you change such as the tides? Could it be true that you’re prepared to comprehend your emotions? Do you experience feeling good investigating them? While you shelter one for reds or another in Moon Pose or Half Moon Pose, can you say you’re abstaining from feeling a sense you think about as “negative”? What could it take to develop a far more significant sense of mindfulness about apparently negativity? Frequently, negativity give the opportunity to peer more profound within a problem and investigate baffling parts of the passionate and otherworldly scene. While you practice Moon Pose, allow yourself to get and want to consider the knowledge.

Why Should You Have A Perfect Grown Bum?

Why Should You Have A Perfect Grown Bum?

Big booties always remain a hot topic of conversation among women. There might be still little girls who don’t like their big butts. But big butts are gorgeous, and they look cute. Women having a small butt wish to enhance them to make them look attractive.

To give your buttock a boost, you should choose the right pant to wear and have booty pills; this could make your butt noticeably bigger.

8 Reasons for Women to have Big Butts

  1. It makes you look attractive – Most men prefer women to have big butts because it enhances the overall appearance of curvature of the spine. Having a big butt will make you look sexy. It will make you feel good about your beautiful body.
  2. They keep your heart healthy – Big butts are full of yellow fat and studies have proven that the fat found in women’s hips and thighs protect them against heart disease and diabetes.
  3. Your cholesterol level will remain low – Butt fat is compared to healthier cholesterol level. Women have a big bum, and small waist tends to have low levels of LDL cholesterol.
  4. It promotes the right posture – Women having tight hips due to excessive sitting may face difficulty to stand up straight. But a big bum can lengthen your hip flexors and will keep everything in alignment.
  5. Your pregnancy will remain easier – Women with big bum will help you to stay mobile during pregnancy, and you would be able to balance the heavy weight of your baby bump easily. This could be done without putting more strain on your spine.
  6. Big butt act as a fuel – Women having big butt may not feel hunger quickly. The extra fat stored in their big bum will act as a fuel. It is like a backup meal and helps you to survive during emergencies.
  7. It helps you to walk better – A strong big size bum will protect your back while walking. If you don’t have good gluteus muscles in your hips, knees will have to work harder.
  8. They act as a cushion – Having a little junk add to comfort level when you sit on a chair. Without it, your bones will slam down against the hard surface whenever you sit down, which can be painful.

How to Make Your Butt Look Big?

  • Thin your waist – Thinning your waist will enhance your butt. By clinching waist, you can give your butt a prominent look by proportion.
  • Work on butt muscles – To make your butt look big, you must perform butt enhancing workouts such as squats, flutter kicks, and walking lunges.
  • Use booty enhancement pills and creams – Such pills and creams are good tactics to make your butt look big. It gives advantages, improving your butt size without any risk. The Booty enhancement pills are safe to be used because they are natural herbal products.

A well shaped big butt with fitted jeans will draw the attention of people. Believe it or not, big booties provide lots of biological benefits too.

Lose Weight with Raspberry Ketone Max

Lose Weight with Raspberry Ketone Max

“Best fat burning miracle in a bottle”

Raspberry is a fruit and it is considered very useful in improving health. Raspberry contains nutrients that have many health benefits.

Recently it was discovered that raspberry has an amazing quality of fat burning.

Yes, it’s true. Raspberry helps burn fat and lose weight naturally.

There is a natural substance in the red raspberry which is an enzyme called raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone helps burn stored fat in your body naturally, without causing any harm to your health. In addition, the raspberry ketone improves your overall health.

There are millions of followers and fans of American doctor – Dr. OZ and receive regular tips and advice given by Dr. OZ on health and wellbeing. Now, the good thing is that Dr. Oz is a fan of raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketone – Recommended by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz was amazed by the fat burning capabilities of raspberry ketone on His TV show “The Dr Oz Show”.

He stated that these little berries are a superfruit that can easily help you lose weight :

“Raspberry ketone is the best fat burning miracle in a bottle”

You would think that the raspberry ketone is in the fruit, then how can it be a “miracle in a bottle”

Well, if you drink raspberry, the level of raspberry ketone present in it is much lower. This makes it almost impossible for you to lose weight with raspberries. Therefore, it is recommended to consume raspberry ketone in the form of dietary supplement.

The best dietary supplement of the raspberry ketone on the market today is “Raspberry Ketone Max”

Raspberry Ketone Max Review

Raspberry Ketone Max is a revolutionary diet pill that helps increase your metabolism and burn fat naturally.

Raspberry Ketone Max is the number one product of raspberry ketone available today. It is so good that it was also Featured in the FOX News channel.

Dosage – Take 2 Pills of Raspberry Ketone Max daily with water.

The best thing about the Raspberry Ketone Max is it does not reduce the weight of the water in your body, but burn this excess fat in your body, therefore, making you slimmer.

Unlike other supplements of raspberry ketone, which contain harmful chemicals, fillers, stimulants, Raspberry Ketone Max is a pure, natural product that contains only organic ingredients.

Raspberry Ketone Max Ingredients

With this Raspberry Ketone Max , you can not only enjoy the benefits of raspberry ketone but you will also get the benefits from 8 other natural ingredients:

  • African mango.
  • Acai berry.
  • Green tea extract.
  • Caffeine anhydrous.
  • Apple cider vinegar (powder).
  • Grapefruit (powder).

Is Raspberry ketone Max recommended?

Yes, Raspberry Ketone Max is recommended if you are looking for a natural diet pill.

The best and most natural source of raspberry ketone is “Raspberry Ketones Max” because it is clinically proven and trusted by thousands of people around the world , including Dr Oz and many other celebrities.

Raspberry Ketone Price

Raspberry Ketone MAX is available Online only and you can buy it from the official website to get a nice discount , use the link below to get a free bottle with a nice discount :

Raspberry Ketone Max Side Effects

Here is another advantage with the Raspberry Ketone Max, as it is a natural product, it does not give any side effects or health problems.

With Raspberry Ketone Max, you can be sure that you will lose weight without side effects.

NOTE: Should not be used by pregnant or lactating women, children under 18 and those taking prescription drugs.

What Can Your Skin Tell You About Your Health?

What Can Your Skin Tell You About Your Health

A few illnesses have very noticeable rashes or other dermatologic signs.  For example, you can usually tell that a child has chicken pox just by looking at his or her skin.  Bites from different insects also have an unmistakable appearance; a mosquito bite does not look like a bed bug bite.  Besides obvious signs of particular illnesses, you can tell other things about a person’s health from the appearance of the person’s skin.

Fortunately, some of these signs are only skin deep.  Anti-wrinkle serums and other skin care products can greatly reduce their appearance.  Here are some things you can tell about a person’s health from the way the person’s skin looks.

Sun Damage

A sunburn heals quickly, but too much sun exposure can cause lasting damage.  Wearing sunscreen when you go outside can help protect your skin.  Vitamin C skin care products can lessen the damage caused by sun exposure.  Vitamin B5 can also help sun-damaged skin heal itself.

Hormonal Changes

A lot of people associate acne with adolescence.  The same hormone changes that cause physical maturation can cause acne.  Especially in women, though, acne can last well beyond your teens.  The menstrual cycle, with its hormone fluctuations, can also cause some women to have acne breakouts during their luteal phase.  Dermatologists even sometimes prescribe hormonal contraceptives for women with severe acne.  In some women, acne can even be one of the earliest indications of pregnancy.

Benzoyl peroxide is a popular remedy for acne; it is found in most pimple creams and facial wipes.  It removes the oils on which acne-causing bacteria thrive.  If you use benzoyl peroxide skin care products, you should also use a moisturizer to replace the lost moisture.

It is easy to tell from looking how well people have protected their skin from the sun.  Use moisturizers and vitamin serums to protect your skin from sun damage. If you’re going traveling, be sure to take extra care of your skin on the road so it’s still looking good when you come back. Also, you’ll most likely be outside more so applying sun protection is as important as ever.

Erectile Dysfunction: The Reasons Behind ED and Solution

Erectile Dysfunction: The Reasons Behind ED and Solution

Men laugh to talk about their sexual exploits sitting with other guys, all gossip about how they explored the other women, and they will laugh and be noisy, and everyone would want to share something. Meanwhile, in the middle of those discussions, if any guy brings about the topic of erectile dysfunction, the whole room becomes silence with nervous laughter. This is something no man wants to discuss. What these men don’t understand is that if they don’t talk, they won’t find a solution.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Sometimes having a problem to keep on the erection is very much natural. It might be due to anxiety or other various reasons. But when you are having difficulty regularly with maintaining your erection, which even leads you to keep a distance with your partner with a fear that you won’t be able to satisfy your partner in the bedroom is a big problem indeed.

Erectile dysfunction can be of many types. In some men, it can be that they are unable to obtain an erection anyway. In some, it might be that they get an occasional erection. In some men, there might be nothing wrong with getting an erection, but there isn’t enough erection to carry out sexual activity.

Erection dysfunction never means that you are infertile. Most of the man having erectile dysfunction is capable enough to have an orgasm and being a father to a child. The problem with them is that they can’t consistently have erections and maintain those erections.

Causes of ED

Most of the erectile dysfunctions are caused to people who can be easily treated. The leading reason for erectile dysfunction in those patients is cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. A person could develop erectile dysfunction if he underwent a spinal cord or brain surgery. ED can also be caused due to the side-effect of many medications.


Every one is the earth is different to another person. So, for ED the best treatment would depend on individual problems. All you need to do is to visit a specialised physician putting your embarrassments aside.

There are treatments like if you acheter du Kamagra Geland consume it, you can have firm erections in 20 to 30 minutes after consuming it. But there are few cases where this doesn’t work or have the side-effect of the drug. At that time they should opt for Penile implants where surgically devices are implanted and the surgery they start to have their ordinarysexual activities.

Learn to Care for Your Smile

Learn to Care for Your Smile

Survey says that 3 out of 4 Americans are diagnosed with gum disease, which can prove to be bad for oral health. If left untreated, it can lead to sore, tender gums, tooth loss, bad breath, and even jaw deterioration. Gum health should always be your primary concern and you should make it a point to pay regular visits to the dentist. If you stay in and around the Phoenix area, you can try visiting the reputed clinics like Dr. Johnny Smith DMD.

About the clinic

Dr. Johnny Smith DMD has their active website where you can have a look at the variety of services they offer and if interested you can also book an online appointment. This family dental in Phoenix has in store for you all kinds of dental solutions starting from general dentistry, reconstructive dentistry, and cosmetic procedures for you and your loved ones. You can drop in anytime you want to take a tour of the clinic and the facilities it offers. Their clinic atmosphere is very warm and comfortable with caring and friendly staff members.

The services offered

Below mentioned are the services that you can expect at Dr. Johnny Smith DMD clinic:

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

  • Dental bridge – It is a common, affordable and low-risk treatment for the missing teeth. It is named so as it bridges the gap formed when the teeth are lost.
  • Dental implants – This procedure is an extraordinary blend of science and art. Being made of titanium, they are firmly anchored into the jaw and function as the roots for dental crowns.
  • Invisalign – It is a transparent and comfortable alternate solution to the traditional braces. Invisalign is used for treating spacing, crossbite, crowding, overbite, and
  • Porcelain dental crowns – These are known to add a touch of elegance to your smile. Dental crowns or caps are usually placed over the teeth to hide any kind of
  • General Dentistry Services
  • Composite fillings – A dental filling which is a tooth-colored filling has always effectively checked the deterioration of tooth health and restored its appearance.
  • Dental sealants – Sealants are placed over the molars and premolars to prevent their decay caused by the foods particles. It is a fast-drying liquid painted on the tops of the teeth to aid in chewing.
  • Dentures – Dentures are a removable set of artificial teeth used in restoring your smile when you lose all of your natural teeth.
  • Periodontal scaling – Gum diseases are also referred to as periodontal disease. Different non-surgical and surgical procedures are performed to control the growth of bacteria and to restore the supportive tissues.
  • Teeth cleaning – When plaque, a form of bacteria gets accumulated along the gum line, they start bleeding and becomes sensitive. This leads to several complications. In order to prevent the accumulation of plaque regular cleaning of your teeth by professionals is very important.
  • Tooth extraction – Teeth extraction is a traditional process of removing a decayed tooth by a qualified dentist.

Special offers

Some of the special offers you get to avail of this family dental in Phoenix are:

  • Free examination and X-rays for new patients
  • Free consultation for Invisalign
  • Special cleaning at $72
  • Special implant placement at $649
  • In office teeth whitening at $199

Get Rid of the Wrinkles with the Use of Squalane Oil

Get Rid of the Wrinkles with the Use of Squalane Oil

When Squalene oil undergoes the process of hydrogenation, the end product we get is Squalane oil. This process turns the unsaturated Squalene oil to its saturated form i.e. Squalane. You will find it existing naturally in our body. It is also available in plants from where the cosmetic companies extract. Basically, its double bond structure makes Squalene oil a poor choice when it comes to skincare, thus it is hydrogenated to Squalane oil which can be used in cosmetics. It is completely colorless and odorless.


When it comes to the benefits Squalane oil will leave you awestruck. It is suitable for every skin type, be it dry, oily, sensitive acne-prone anything. The following benefits make it ideal to use Squalane oil for face:

  • Good moisturizer – Squalane acts as an excellent moisturizer and leaves your skin hydrated and soft. The light texture and non-greasy nature of the oil ensure that it gets absorbed into the skin very fast.
  • For lip and eye treatment – Squalane oil is ideal for both not only preventing but also treating dryness around the eyes. It treats the dry patches around the eyes and also heals the lips much better than any lip balm.
  • Prevents irritation – Unlike most other moisturizers, Squalane oil is clinically proven as non-irritating and thus it makes a great option for sensitive skin conditions.
  • Non-Comedogenic – If you go by the general law, any oil would clog the skin. But with Squalane oil this is not the case. Its light texture ensures that it gets absorbed fast rather than clogging the skin and leading to acne.
  • Oil control capacity – Just like jojoba oil, Squalane oil has the capability to regulate the secretion of excess oil from the body. But it is considered even better than jojoba.
  • Soothing – Squalane can speed up the healing process of chapped or cracked skin and soothes irritable skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.
  • Fights bacteria – Similar to that of coconut oil, Squalane also contains natural antibacterial properties.
  • Provides protection from damage caused by oxidation – Squalane gives protection to your skin from the free radicals which can lead to age spots and premature aging. It also helps to reduce the dark pigments with time.

Steps to use

Whenever you buy any product, you should be well aware of how to use it effectively. Before you use Squalane oil, you should clean your face and then exfoliate it. Then apply the treatment products if you use any, if not go straight to the hydrating serums as they take time to absorb. Now, apply the Squalane oil on your face and eye area. Now you can apply the moisturizer followed by the makeup.

Why buy Squalane Oil online

Now that you have got a clear idea about how to use Squalane oil for faceand its benefits, you must be now wondering from where to acquire the product. Websites like Absorb Health sell such Powerful Natural Emollients online. You also get to enjoy free shipping over a purchase amount of $75 all over the US.

When to Seek Varicose Vein Treatment for those Unhealthy and Unsightly Pests

When to Seek Varicose Vein Treatment for those Unhealthy and Unsightly Pests

How can I spot varicose veins?

Varicose veins are usually easy to spot, but not always. Occasionally, people will mistake them for broken blood vessels. Varicose veins can be superficial or deeper within the legs. They have the potential for developing anywhere on the body, however; they are typically found on the thighs or legs. When located superficially, they are typically raised and appear as thickened or tangled veins. They can also appear as a combination of these things. It is always best to have a vein specialist determine whether or not you need to seek varicose vein treatment.

How do I know if I need varicose vein treatment?

A free screening is the best way to determine if you need to seek treatment. Only a professional vein and vascular health physician can determine the best course of action. Minimally invasive treatments are available and are usually covered by health insurance. While varicose veins may appear to be “unsightly,” they are a very legitimate health condition that needs treatment for medical purposes. The board-certified physicians at Metro Vein Centers are trained and equipped to handle all of your concerns and get you feeling and looking better in no time.

Is there anything I can do to improve my varicose veins?

Again, the best remedy is determined by a medical professional. You can make changes to reduce the impact of your varicose veins. A great place to start is by exercising. Obesity significantly increases the risk of developing and having complications with varicose veins. Taking a daily walk will significantly improve your overall health, and will improve your vascular health as well. Changing your diet will also help you to lose weight and improve your health.

Simple changes like avoiding refined sugars can have a lasting and positive impact. Avoiding strain on the legs will help varicose veins as well. Avoid crossing your legs and standing or sitting for long periods of time. Wear clothing that isn’t snug. While there is no at-home remedy, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the severity of your condition.

Where do I seek varicose vein treatment and what types of treatment are available?

Metro Vein Centers offer a free screening to determine the best treatment possible. They have locations in Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. There are several different types of treatments available. Again, they are typically covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. Most options will have you back to your normal activities with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation, and ultrasound-guided therapies are among the most common procedures.

Can I avoid developing varicose veins?

Unfortunately, varicose veins cannot be thwarted or avoided for some patients. Sex and genetics play a major role in the role in the development of vascular and vein conditions. Trauma to the legs and surgery can also increase the risk of developing varicose veins. The only factors that can help reduce the risk or severity of varicose veins are the environmental factors previously mentioned. Lifestyle changes can significantly improve the chance of complications or development of vascular conditions for many people. Even those who currently have these conditions would benefit from making positive changes to their routines.

How Do a Rapid Weight Loss?

How Do a Rapid Weight Loss

Truthfully, if that is the idea in mind, you’re miles ahead of the vast majority of individuals interested in weight loss now. In reality, the authentic idea that nearly all weight loss organizers are getting is, “How do I have a fast weight loss?” There’s not any mention of a healthful weight reduction in any way! The challenge is that everybody wants the outcome but does not care about what they need to do in order to get there. More to the point, they do not care about the long term negative impacts which will follow their rapid weight loss. To be able to accomplish your healthy weight reduction and for this to be a rapid weight loss, you have to make a few fitness tuning modifications to your entire body.

Now that we have identified your head should be on the way the fast weight loss also has to be a healthful weight reduction, let us get you there! We will address a few things regarding your lifetime and the way you live it. I will provide you the paths which you have to take in order that you reach a wholesome weight reduction. Then you’ll have to return those avenues, one at a time. Just how well and how committed you are to accomplish the conclusion of these avenues will find out whether you get a fast weight loss. I will provide you the resources to earn a healthful weight loss also be a rapid weight loss, but you have to use them and utilize them correctly, for the healthy weight loss and fast weight loss to happen.

Measure one, to realize your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss, are to make some modifications to your daily diet plan. You need to, and have to want to, begin with your diet plan. If you’re an individual who has a minimum or non-existent quantity of exercise done every week, then attempting to handle that step can be catastrophic. Should you crash in the fitness center, before you fix your dieting deficiencies, then you may feel a fantastic deal of fatigue through exercise and potentially faintness, nausea, and protracted muscle soreness and fatigue later. To start your stepping right into a nutritious weight loss and fast weight loss, you have to first start with providing your body the nutrition that it requires. Otherwise, your search towards a healthy weight loss and fast weight reduction is that much harder, and of course less enjoyable!

If you want dieting shift start your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss travel is the everyday food consumption. You ought to have three meals every day, each comprising a carbohydrate, a fruit or veggie, and a protein. These things should also be equally proportioned for every single meal. You need to receive loads of whole grains in your diet plan, so ensure your carbohydrate resources are whole grain as frequently as possible. Make sure that you also receive lots of good cholesterol so as to maintain your cholesterol level in check. This usually means you ought to be eating many different eggs, nuts, and fish and such as olive oil on your diet plan. In reality, I would suggest a minimum of one meal per day that includes some type of fish. Not only can it be a fantastic source of protein, but also the Omega-3 oils that are included in fattier fishes like mackerel and salmon are indispensable for a healthy weight loss and fast weight loss, in addition to healthy living.

Some wellness tuning tips to the healthy weight loss and fast weight loss diet. In the afternoon, I begin my day with a lemon, a bowl of oatmeal and a few sausage or bacon, followed closely by a multivitamin. For lunch it’s also advisable to organize your lunch to include a protein source, a vitamin, and a vegetable. I just have fruit along with my meal in the morning, on account of the fact that the glucose can help you start daily by providing you the energy that you want. The fiber in the vegetables and fruits will slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates in your own body, and will permit you to burn consumed carbohydrates before they may be stored as fat. By abiding by these dietary tips, your healthy weight loss will end up a fast weight loss too. Besides, you’ll have the energy to start another path towards your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss journey that’ll be discovered in Stage II.

To be able to make certain that you’re encouraging your body’s requirements for Stage II of your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss travel, you need to possess two between-meal snacks. But, I also have been known to utilize trail-mix that comprises more nuts than veggies. All these are the desserts, which will help to direct to a healthy weight loss and fast weight loss and of course a fitter you.

You’ve completed Phase I of your own trip towards your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss. You’ve begun your exercise tuning procedure by ensuring the foods you take in your body are healthful and contain all the components required for your body’s healthy way of life. I’ll be following this informative article with Stage II of your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss travel, but you’ll have the ability to acquire more advice regarding proper dieting and also the advantages from doing this by clicking in my physical fitness tuning site’s link below. You’ll have the ability to combine my free membership site, and earn access to all the nutrition, dieting, and fitness advice I share with all my buddies per week to week. Begin Phase I of your healthy weight loss and fast weight loss journey now, and before long you’ll direct yourself to the outcomes that you want.

How to Prepare Healthy Hair Care Recipies

How to Prepare Healthy Hair Care Recipies

This article will really very advantageous for healthy hair care. Hair is recommended as the most alluring part of the body that redecorates once personality. So it is very vital to pay additional attention and care to hair in order to have healthy and shiny hair. There are hundreds of shampoos and hair products are offered which helps you to provide you healthy and shiny hairs but these products are highly rich in chemicals as these chemicals can damage your hair and leads to breakage. In this article will help you to give healthy and shiny hair and also helps you to promotes the growth of hair with some effective recipes given below

Eggs are very beneficial for maintain the good hair and skin as well. You can beat the egg and separate the white part and then add castor oil in yellow part and apply it on the hair and leave it for sometime and then clean your hair with water. This is one of the advantageous recipes to deal with damaged hair and gives healthy and shiny hair and this recipe work as the conditioner.

You can also make use of mayonnaise in order to have healthy and strong hair. Mayonnaise is one of the excellent conditioner for hair and also treats the dry hair. Apply it on the hair for about 20 minutes and then clean it with water with light shampoo. It is also advantageous for hair growth as well.

Apply egg and olive oil on the head and cover you head with cloth and after sometime clean your hair with water thoroughly. This is also good preparation to deal with the bad condition of the hair.

Prepare a blend of cantaloupe, curd, wheat germ, avocado and banana and apply on the hair for about 15 minutes and after that clean your hair. This is also good recipe for healthy hair care.

You can also utilize the honey by adding olive oil and apply on the hair. This will help you to maintain the healthy and strong hair.