How to Prepare Healthy Hair Care Recipies

This article will really very advantageous for healthy hair care. Hair is recommended as the most alluring part of the body that redecorates once personality. So it is very vital to pay additional attention and care to hair in order to have healthy and shiny hair. There are hundreds of shampoos and hair products are offered which helps you to provide you healthy and shiny hairs but these products are highly rich in chemicals as these chemicals can damage your hair and leads to breakage. In this article will help you to give healthy and shiny hair and also helps you to promotes the growth of hair with some effective recipes given below

Eggs are very beneficial for maintain the good hair and skin as well. You can beat the egg and separate the white part and then add castor oil in yellow part and apply it on the hair and leave it for sometime and then clean your hair with water. This is one of the advantageous recipes to deal with damaged hair and gives healthy and shiny hair and this recipe work as the conditioner.

You can also make use of mayonnaise in order to have healthy and strong hair. Mayonnaise is one of the excellent conditioner for hair and also treats the dry hair. Apply it on the hair for about 20 minutes and then clean it with water with light shampoo. It is also advantageous for hair growth as well.

Apply egg and olive oil on the head and cover you head with cloth and after sometime clean your hair with water thoroughly. This is also good preparation to deal with the bad condition of the hair.

Prepare a blend of cantaloupe, curd, wheat germ, avocado and banana and apply on the hair for about 15 minutes and after that clean your hair. This is also good recipe for healthy hair care.

You can also utilize the honey by adding olive oil and apply on the hair. This will help you to maintain the healthy and strong hair.