10 Causes of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome In Teenagers & Remedies

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Generation Z adolescence teenage groups are found being worried about teenage PMS symptoms followed by acute pain with inexplicable discomfiture. Experts of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG define the PMS as the prominent medical condition faced by teens to have different types of somatic disorders before the start of the menstruation cycle. … Read more

10 Best Natural Remedies for Bone and Joint Pain

Best Natural Remedies

Joint pains are tremendously derogating on the grounds that they can meddle in the ordinary working of individuals. From an Ayurveda perspective, joint pains happen when there are stomach related issues in the body, which prompts the development of toxic in the spaces between the joints. Consequently, when the joints are moved, it gives rise … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction: The Reasons Behind ED and Solution

Erectile Dysfunction ED and Solution

Men laugh to talk about their sexual exploits sitting with other guys, all gossip about how they explored the other women, and they will laugh and be noisy, and everyone would want to share something. Meanwhile, in the middle of those discussions, if any guy brings about the topic of erectile dysfunction, the whole room … Read more